How To Keep Your German Shepherd Healthy ?

Many criticize the modern German shepherd for distancing himself from the original ideology of Max von Stephanitz ‘s German shepherd. In his mind, dogs should be raised mainly to work dogs. He thought that it was breeding these canines has to be stringently controlled to avert defects from the onset. Above all else, he believed that German Shepherds should be bred for its professional working ability as well as its innate intelligence.

Based in the United Kingdom, The Kennel Club, is enmesh with German Shepherd breeding clubs about the show-strain breed and its soundness. The show-strain canines have been bred and developed sporting an extremely sloping back (topline) that causes poor gait of its hind legs. Those used commonly used as service dogs or the Working Pedigree line; usually keep the traditional straight back lines of the breed.

  This argument was given rise when the issue was brought up in the BBC documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed, which mentioned that the critics of this breed describe the canine as: half dog and half frog”. They were described to be “not normal” by an orthopedic vet who witnessed a footage of the show ring.

  The Kennel Club’s stance on the issue was quoted to read “this issue of soundness is not a simple difference of opinion. It is the fundamental issue of the breed’s essential conformation and movement”. And from hence, coming to an agreement, The Kennel Club had made the decision to retrain judges to penalize dogs who suffer from these problems.   Other common problems this breed displays are hip dysplasia and hemophilia which the Kennel Club strongly insists on more testing to be carried out.

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